How to make jitsi behave like bbb regarding room creation/destruction?


we want to run our own jitsi server on the internet to be shared by our community/association.

we do not want that anonymous people from the internet can create rooms and use our server.

it’s ok if only special/few people/moderators can create rooms, but we cannot afford providing/administering accounts for every association member.

the members just should be able to use a room without username/password, just by knowing/sharing the appropriate room url.

the problem is, that if we enable authentication + guest use, then only the room creator/host can start the session and if he exits, the session ends and all guests/participants getting kicked out

what can we do to have a room stay active after creation and that it can be used by any person in our organisation ?


The session shouldn’t end if the moderator exits by selecting “leave meeting” option.


unfortunately no, not entirely.

you are right, the users don’t get kicked out that way, but after the last user exits and the room is empty, re-entering the room is not possible for non-authenticated users

how can i achieve that the room stays active ?

You may use token authentication and share a link with a token with your members. So, anonymous people cannot create rooms on your server and members can connect at any time…


do you mean this one below ?

that means, this feature is not “builtin”, i cannot simply install/use that witch docker compose jitsi (by editing .env file) !?

i’m a little bit lost, this looks complex

Yes, this one but the first guide seems outdated. This feature needs an additional package which is jitsi-meet-tokens.

No familiar with Docker setup, it should be enabled from the YAML file.