How to make host and guest in a project?

Hi, I am new to jitsi. I am working on telemedicine project. I want to create two web pages where in first Doctor will start the meeting. and in second page participant or patient will access the meeting. i have hosted jitsi on my server. in first page i have created iframe api object . now in patient page will i have to do anything to show video chat in my designer div.

mainly i want to ask how can i make doctor as a host person and patient as a participant.

@Yogesh_Solanki, Welcome to the community!

By default, the first person to join is the moderator. Learn more about meeting moderators

Since you are dealing with doctor’s and patients, you may want to use the prejoin page and/or the lobby feature to help users get ready to join and control access.

Finally, since this is a special use case, check out all the ways you can customize meeting options.

Hope this helps you! Good luck!

it means if doctor is disconnected, then one the of remaining patients can be a moderator and can control the meeting.

You could setup a secure domain and have doctor’s sign-in and patients join as guests.

@corby thanks for you quick response, one last question
I have setup room name url:
whenever i hit this url it shows last joined members like 5 members are there, it shows last chat conversation also even after disconnecting the call.though in real only participant is there and no one has joined yet. still it show 4 to 5 are also there

If everyone leaves the room, the chat and list of past speakers/participants should go away. If it doesn’t, that’s a bug.

The doctor would need to either (1) refresh his browser between consultations or (2) make a different room for each visit.

My recommendation is (2) For example: would be unique to the doctor and patient for the day.