How to make a file to be execute (.jar) or an installer for win (.exe)

I need a simply steps to execute to publish a solution of jitsi.
How can I achive that?

i’m on Windows 10 x64 @damencho

Probably I misunderstand you, sorry. You are asking about jitsi-meet or jitsi desktop?
I was pointing jitsi-meet, and its a server hosted web app, which currently supports debian/ubuntu based linux distributions and there is also experimental docker support.

I talk about jitsi desktop

You can search the archives, there were multiple posts about this. Basically the whole build process is in ant, all you need is to install some windows mingw gcc that will work and execute the ant scripts inside cygwin environment.

now i try to do this guide

But this guide do a installer for windows. If I want a solution java-based how can I achive that?
So I would a solution like (a single file .jar) or a project and i want start it with double click or from a command line instruction. This way is more simple then installer windows?

There is one izpack based, which was deprecated for more than 5 years, you can try that, maybe it is still working:
<echo message="‘ant build-installation-generic’ for building generic installator jar" />
<echo message="‘ant build-installation-linux’ for building linux instalation file" />

Hi @damencho
I follow all the steps of tutorial that I have found on internet and posted in the last reply and it works. Now, I have jitsi installer for x86, x64 windows.


How to do it for Yoсto? Install Jitsi or generate a jar-file to run.