How to load wildcard certificate?



In addition to the hostname of the server, I would like to be able to connect using additional URL like meet.domain.tld
How can I change the certificate that is being used? Do I have to do the full installation again?



If you are using a web server, you just need to add new virtual host and keep all other deployment and settings as they are at the moment. It is only a webserver change. The only thing you need to change is the host that is passed to the bosh port:

By default it uses the host from the request but you need to hardcode that to the domain that is initially used.
This is only a webserver change, not other config or component needs to change.


In my case there was no prior web server when I installed Jitsi. It uses the embedded Jetty server.

It seems in this case that jetty is not installed in its usual path.

Where can I update the virtual hosts in the default jitsi jetty ?


That Jetty is embedded in jvb, and there is no virtualhosts to configure there. It is intended to be used for one domain.

We enable jetty inside jvb so we can take advantage of the implemented multiplexing there. Using the same port 443 it is used for both serving the content and it can be used and to serve media over tcp. There are some restricted firewalls which would allow only port 443 for outgoing traffic and then media over tcp and port 443 is used.
If you want to have this behavior with a webserver, you need to install jvb on different machine so port 443 will be available or you need to have two ip addresses on the machine where webserver and jvb are, so you can use one of them for the websserver’s port 443 and the other one for jvb’s port 443.