How to load previous custom chat data

As per my requirement, we need to load the previous chat from my database to jisti chat window. Can anyone help to this area plz.

If you configure prosody to load it and send it to clients there is nothing to change on the jitsi-meet side, history of the last 20 messages by default already works with an existing room.

Thanks for reply.
But in my case, call session will continue daily. So we are load the more than 20 messages.
Please help me in this case.

What are u using to store the chats?

The module “mam” in prosody allows u to define the numer of messages to store and show.

We using SQL Database to store and retrieve the chat data.

Since I am using Iframe API, where I can enable these mod_mam modules?

this is configured in prosody only AFAIK

This is possible only if you are self-hosting the deployment. If you are using or jaas this is not possible.

Thanks for reply.
yes we are using self-hosting the deployment. In this case how can we do this?

You can read here Installing modules – Prosody IM

I wrote this

You might find useful

Installed and I tried to update the archive_expires_after = “never” in prosody.cfg.lua file. But still my previous chat is cleared. why?

Did u set this

muc_room_default_persistent = true

If not everytime you Exit the conference the sql records are cleared

@Developer_RaviTeja At the moment I store it in file using custom module.
Can you share how do you store in SQL database?

outgoingMessage = (e) => {
const data = {
Message: e.message,
MemberId: this.storageSrv.get(Storage.MEMBER_ID)
};“api/account/SendChat”, data, false).toPromise()
.then(res => {}).catch(c => { console.log(c); });

I need to store tbe Display name, how you accomplish that ?

No, We also trying to same thing, but we could not find any solution.

Thank you for updating us with the outcome.

Still no luck getting the Display Name on the message… Not even trying with JWT authentication.

Really frustrating in deed.