How to livestream on facebook?

I have a working docker-jitsi-meet setup. I have also configured my jibris. From what I understand, jitsi-jibri as of now live-streams only to youtube.

My question is:

  1. Is there any way in which I can livestream to facebook or instagram ?

  2. If yes, can I livestream to youtube, facebook and lets say instagram or vimeo at the same time ?

@emrah any help here ?

Yes, with a customized fake ffmpeg… See this post

But there is a special case for Facebook which uses RTMPS over TCP/443 instead of RTMP. So you need a customized fake ffmpeg and a stunnel service for this case.

According to my opinion, the best way to do this is to send the stream to a custom stream server and multiplex it on this server. You need again a fake ffmpeg for this and a custom stream server.

See this doc: Easy way to install a live streaming media system

If anyone’s having an issue with this I would tell them to follow this post rtmps on facebook and create a deb file of that FFmpeg folder and reinstall it on your system or docker and that should let you stream on Facebook.