[How to] Live stream to other services using Jitsi

A jitsi server (yes, meet.jit.si supports this ( I tested it on their deployment) so don’t worry)

you first want to go here pick the best one. then put in the rtmp uri and then put in your key


as we can see the best rtmp stream is in Europe: France, Marseille. we want to copy that link. (make sure to remove the “{stream_key}”)

So my RTMP URL is: rtmp://live-mrs.twitch.tv/app/
then you want to go here to grab your stream key.

It should like this (the key is usually blured but just for this purporse I made it cleared (do note I did reset the key after this post)).

you then want to copy the stream key.

here is my stream key: live_210293955_AfZKsZeIn3Z2KyZw1xTv4ZB3cQvQ2O

after doing so you want to jam the rtml uri and the stream key so it’ll look like this:


now you want to go to your jitsi deployment.

then you want to click on the three dots and click on the three dots then “start live stream”

once you’ve clicked on that you want to paste in your full rtmp uri you have made:

then press start live streaming, wait a while for a jibri station to open up. then it should say “live streaming is on”

now live streaming has begun and you’re good to go with your confrence/meeting/webinar or family meetup


Hi @Derek_Owumi
I am using Vimeo
Is there a way to stream with Jitsi Meet to Vimeo?
Thank you

does it have an rtmp uri and key?

Hi I think I got it
yes it has both
I took them and connected them as you suggested and it seems to work
I LOVE YOU!!! you made my day

no problem bro. feel free to give a like on the post so it’s more likely to be recommended to people

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How about streaming to Facebook? It seems they use rtmps which doesn’t work with jitsi-meet as far as I can tell.

Any ideas?


I’ll make a facebook account and find out for you in a moment

I cannot do it I get the “account too new”

Just go to that link and I think I can guide you

Facebook live also working, just add the RTMP URL and stream key together.