How to let host authenticatie via JWT on mobile


We want to use JWT authentication for hosts. But can not find anywhere how that would work on mobile. So if someone in the mobile app starts a meeting and clicks on ‘I am the host’, with JWT (s)he should be redirected to the page where (s)he will get a JWT token and be redirected to the meeting, right?
Or is there a better setup for people starting from the app? Am I missing a setting?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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+1 Would also like to know more about this.

Reading the code I saw a hint of external auth here, which does seem related to the problem.

Taking a closer look it does seem this option is set from the strophe/XMPP connection itself, so probably taking a look at videobridge or maybe jicofo can shed some light? What happens if a conference is configured with external auth?

I hope someone can point out to some documented resources about this.


By reading jitsi-meet code, it does seem this is not implemented yet.
On the web, this should work fine. It seems that an undocumented parameter in config.js called tokenAuthUrl is picked up if set, and the user is redirected to a page set by tokenAuthUrl if both this parameter and secure domain is enabled, but on mobile I do see that tokenAuthUrl is not picked up and the user is offered a dialog for the username and password instead. Can someone confirm this?

There is a similar issue about shibboleth auth on mobile here.

great research. Can you provide some guidance here @saghul?