How to leave meeting in Android

I have update the version of jitsi in Android from 4.0.0 to 7.0.1

In earlier version, I am able to leave the meeting programmatically using jitsiMeetView.leave()
After changing the version. I am not able to call this method. Please provide me any solution, so that I can leave the meeting programmatically.

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You can send the HANG_UP broadcast command: Android SDK | Jitsi Meet

Thanks for the reply. I have written these lines, but it doesn’t work

val hangUpBroadcastIntent = BroadcastIntentHelper.buildHangUpIntent()

This code gets called on a button click of my own app. After executing the above code. video is removed but audio is still there.

My requirement is like I want to do the same thing that happens when click on leave meeting.

Please provide me the solution asap.

Hi, I have sent this message very earlier, but no responds come till now. Please provide me the solution asap.

I have checked JitsiMeetActivity class, in onDestroy() method, there is code like:
if (AudioModeModule.useConnectionService()) {

I am not able to access this code in my own class. That’s why there is still an audio connection even after broadcast the HANG_UP.

Can you share the logs (adb logcat) after you send that commend?