How to know which jibri is using by the conference?


Hi team.

I have configed 3 jibri (jibri-1,jibri-2,jibri-3 ) connect to prosody. Then, I join conference ABC and use recording feature. So how can I know conference ABC is recording by which jibri on interface meet?



I guess you could use jicofo logs to get more details on what jibri is being choosen and identified.

Another aproach could be monitoring the performance of each jibri platform, since recording will peak performance.


What @Ark74 said is true, the only way to identify which Jibri is being used would be to either check all the Jibris or check the Jicofo logs to see which one was selected (I think it’ll log the nickname the Jibri used when joining the jibri brewery control MUC)


@Ark74, @bbaldino Thanks for your reply.