How to kick out stalled sessions?

I am also experiencing this problem as well, tried to change the bosh_max_inactivity to 1 (second), as per , but it seems the ghost user still linger a while before being auto kicked out by the Jitsi server.

Changing bosh session timeout is not a good idea. Which prosody version is this?

Currently running this version from apt (on Ubuntu 18.04).
prosody /bionic,now 0.10.0-1build1 amd64 [installed,automatic]

Any alternative suggestion, we need to get rid of the Ghost participant as soon as possible otherwise users are asking why there is an extra person online.

upgrade to prosody 0.11 (don’t forget to change storage setting in jitsi-meet prosody config). Also enable epoll network backend in prosody, this is an optimisation for performance.

thank you, will try that.

Hi, just a quick update, initial test does seems like we are able to kick out of app crashed (simulated via killing jitsi app) almost immediately! Thank you.


Did you solve this problem? Could you share the steps to enable epoll network backend in prosody?


Kind of, if disconnection is proper, then no issue, but if disconnection due to app crashed, then it still take a while before the ghost user disappear. Prosody is standard setup I presume (our team member installed it), but we did upgrade to prosody 0.11.5.

you can refer to this link


Thanks for the info, do you also upgrade prosody version?

yup, current latest stable: 0.11.5

is there any method for upgrading prosody on a live server without disrupting the service?

Also curious on if it is possible to upgrade on a live server without disrupting the service.

That is not possible when using a single machine. You need a way to have several shards, install new one, test them and rotate them.

Am also faced this problem, my prosody version is 0.11.5, also enabled epoll but still one user in that session, session timer also running

Unfortunately, I’ve seen this happening a lot lately on Participants get an error, they automatically disconnect but the stalled session remains. Then they join again and are now in the session together with the previous stalled session. Interestingly, these stalled sessions all have “excellent connection” (green indicator in the upper left corner). Some remain for days and are especially nasty if you forget to kick them before the session ends (since the stalled session then becomes moderator and cannot be kicked anymore).
Any idea what could be causing these sessions to stall? Is it client side, server side or both?

@iGadget which prosody version are you using?

Unknown, I don’t own or run, I’m just using it. And since it’s a free service, they only provide ‘support’ through here. Any way for me as a user to get this info?

Well you can open two tabs, open the javascript console and filter messages with version and you should see some of the components versions.

But upgrading it is responsibility of those hosting it …