How to join JaaSMeeting in webapp via mobile phone without 8x8 app?


I’m using JaaSMeeting in nextjs project imported from @jitsi/react-sdk.
It’s a web app where I want to enable video call. This website can be opened from mobile phone browser.
But, when I open it from mobile browser, I always get this text:

You need the 8x8 Meet mobile app to join this meeting on your phone.


How can I preset in settings to auto-join in the mobile browser without asking to open in 8x8 mobile app?


You can set the disableDeepLinking config override to true and then the meeting will take place on the mobile browser.

it now says

Our meetings leverages best-of-breed WebRTC and the browser you are using doesn't support it

but I have the latest browser.


Hum, interesting. What browser and version are you using?

I tried with desktop Chrome Version 103.0.5060.134 (Official Build) (arm64) but in mobile view.

I think that might confuse our browser detector. Do you observe different results without forcing the mobile view?

it works with a desktop view, but not with a mobile view in the browser.

I think it would if you spoof the UA string to pretend to be mobile Android for example.