How to jitsi backend eventlistener

Hi everyone, the meeting ended in jitsi jicofo, user joined and how can I listen to similar events

A custom prosody module plenty of examples in

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Iā€™m interested in something like a event steam too. I need to know when a user joins and leaves a room (with its display name).

Perhaps with something like a webhook or a message to a dedicated admin room?

Is there a minimal example how to implement this?


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Yep the links above are a good example and in the util there is a method to do http_requests so all you need is a module that will send events to your service.

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thanks Damencho, Is there a list or documentation of jitsi hooks or how can we develop a new prosody plug?

I found it to be triggered when logged in prsody plugins, but the id is always changing.

If using anonymous authentication in the virtual host the jid is always changing. If using jwt you can add context in it with user id.