How to invite people to a call

Hi all. I cannot figure out how to add callers to a call. Is there a way to get a contacts list to show in jitsi so that one can just click on a face to have a person invited to the call, whether by them receiving an SMS, an email, or ideally a ringing tone on their phone?
If this feature does exist, is there a training manual/video to explain how to install. For everything else is working.

No, there is no such feature, but there are hooks in the code where you can set your invitation service and your people search service. So you can implement those services and hook them in the UI for your App.

Hi Damencho,
Thanks for that.
Do you provide paid for consultancy? We have a number of features that we want to build. I am at

Nope, sorry. You can put your questions here in the forum.