How to interpret the log? What does these info log means?

Which of the lines from this log tells:-

  1. That User 1 has connected with User 2 or vice versa and sharing Video with each other
  2. That User has issue in network connectivity due to slow connection and not sharing any video
  3. That User has left the room and room has discarded in the situation:
    a. when user had connectivity issue and logged out
    b. when user shared the conversation successfully(video established) and logged out

from dated 24/4/2019

jicofo.log (84.2 KB)

Jicofo is only for signaling and has no idea about connectivity or users bad connection. Jvb should see that, but I doubt that is written in the logs.

ok…let me explore jvb logs too if I can find any useful info outta there.

My issue is that when 2 users other than Admin enters the room, one complaint that he has not been connected with another user, however, another user claims that the one was connected and he tried communicating with him. Who is telling a lie, who is cheating, we are not getting from logs :laughing:

I am not able to get here in jvb log who is connected and started sharing the video/voice and who has stopped when m why
jvb.log (1.5 MB)

Those stuff are normally seen in callstats.

it would be good if logs would say anything about that

Is there anyway to know which user by name has joined the room instead of alias name?

According to format @<conference.domain>/{variable}


{variable} is user.

Can we get {username} instead {variable}?

If you are using authentication, yes.

I am using authentication but it doesn’t showing USERNAME…it is still showing alias name, an unknown {variable}

Hum I though we reuse nickname in case ot authentication …

naaah…not showing. it’s confirmed