How to integrate Moderated Meet

Hi Community,
We Wanted to enable moderated meeting in our jitsi-docker environment. Just like
We are referring to this repo.
Please explain me in details in below variables.

DEPLOYMENT_URL= This is URL for Jitsi Meet Deployment
PORT= This is Port on which this microservice will work.
PRIVATE_KEY_FILE=This is path the Private Key File in .der format.
PRIVATE_KEY_ID= Is this JWT app_id ???
TARGET_TENANT= Is the path to asap_key_server in JWT Authentication.

Please Provide Details on


Is JWT Authentication required for same.
Please Guide us how we can integrate moderated meeting in our environment.

You need first to configure your deployment to work with jwt RS256 (a HTTP keyserver from where prosody fetches public tokens).
Then configure the tenant in your deployment: jitsi-meet/mod_muc_allowners.lua at e0bde6d491e1dd96b779334a3243ee9acd15e42a · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub

When you do that, you will be aware what to put in TARGET_TENANT