How to integrate Calendar in Jitsi Meet Electron application?

Since we activated the calendar on our Jitsi Meet server, we do not see the “calendar” function on the Jitsi Meet Electron app.
There is a parameter to set on the electron config to have the calendar on the welcome page, as it is on the server?

Looks like the electron app uses a custom welcome page.

Thanks Lenny8 ! Yes, seems like so!
So it is not really an “iframe” of our Jitsi Meet server. And so then we don’ have same “options / functions” than the Jitsi Meet server.
Now, I’m searching how we can integrates the same welcome page (with same function for the caleendr integration) than our Jitsi Meet server installation. Would be better, in order to use the electron app as the same than the Jitsi Meet server…
Any idea regarding this? Maybe we can add same “modules” or “parts” of our Jitsi Meet server into the directories / files of the electron app ?

It does use the iframe API but not the welcome page.

We want to actually do that, but haven’t gotten around to doing it.

If you think this is something you can contribute, please feel free to open a PR!