How to install Jitsi on exo community

Hello, I need to install jitsi in the exo community 5.3, I need help to can to do this issue, i’m very grateful if someone here give me some help.

Ok, thanks for help, but to install on exo community you have some example, I’m looking but I still haven’t found something that really helps.

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Sorry I have no idea what is that. We support debian packages for Debian/Ubuntu based systems, or you can try the docker images:

Ok, i shared a image with you from exo where have a button jetsicall, they instaled Jitsi on Exo and I would like to do the same, but I haven’t found anything that shows how they did it and they don’t have good documentation showing how.

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:man_shrugging: not a question for our community. Find who did that integration and ask there …

Hi, have you some example of integratoin using JSP?

Have you been able to resolve this ?

No yet, i just want to do integration using a java web aplacation, after i want enable this java web application as addon in the exoplatform.

Using jsp should not be any different than any other dynamic language. The primary thing is that most of the front end Jitsi stuff is JS and HTML.

So you can easily include it in any dynamic script based site using the dynamic tags properly.