How to install jitsi on a subdomain

Hey there everyone I have installed jitsi on my VPS. With navigating to my subdomain folder and run the installation there, also I have set up the hostname to my subdomain but now none of my domain is working.

I don’t know what I did wrong.
Need help in installing the jitsi on my subdomain.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks and Regards

What do you mean you ran the install from the subdomain folder?
Did you follow the instruction here:

Yes I did follow the above instruction. And ran the installation in the subdomain folder and when asket for hostname I typed the subdomain.

I have used instruction from here.

Can anyone tell me which commands do I have to edit for it to work on my server.
I just wanted to be sure.

My problem is solved as it was having due to plesk panel on my server as it was also using port 443 for connection. I removed plesk and started fresh now everything is working fine.

I also need same thing how i can configure the port to work with other projects on main domain

Hi, you cannot change the ports after installation. It will break the prosody. You need to configure it before and then install the whole jitsi server. See the manual installation guide for instruction.