How to install jitsi-meet, jicofo and jitsi videobridge through source code


Please help me, how to install jitsi-meet, jicofo and jitsi videobridge through source code on ubuntu-16.04


If you want to play with the source code and modify any of the components, my recommendation will be to just deploy an instance with the default quick-install guide with installing nginx before that, verify that it is working. Than you can start replacing the components you want from source. Stop videobridge (/etc/init.d/jitsi-videobridge) and start it from source passing the same arguments that the running instance was using, the values are in /etc/jitsi/videobridge/config, same goes and for jicofo.
For meet check it out in a folder, do npm install && make and just change in nginx the root folder from /usr/share/jitsi-meet to the location where you just compiled jitsi-meet and restart nginx and you will be serving the jitsi-meet instance from source.


thanks @damencho

I am able to run jicofo from source code and replace build in /usr/share/jicofo/

And also I try to build jitsi-videobridge from source, it is built

But unable to access on browser. the URL is not found/page not found.


I have cloned jitsi-videobridge and build using mvn install -Dassembly.skipAssembly=false

And replaced jitsi-videobridge files in /usr/share/jitsi-videobridge

After the changes made, The url is page not.


Did you install nginx? If page is not found it is the webserver not serving it, which is your web server?


Installed nginx and am using firefox and google chrome

But thing is I built jitsi-videobridge using maven and generated .zip file in the target folder.

I replaced jitisi-videobridge jar file in /usr/share/jitsi-videobridge/ and restarted jitsi-videobridge service.

After the made changes I have accessed URL, the page is showing Unable to Connect.


So the webserver is not running find why. Did you install nginx before jitsi-meet or after?


after nginx installation


Thanks @damencho

Now its working from source code.


Hello @damencho

Can you please provide me automation script for jitsi meet installation