How to install Dropbox integration

Hi, I’ve succesfully installed jitsi on a self-hosted server but I can’t let dropbox integration functions.
I’ve created the project and the key in dropbox sit, I’ve added this in /etc/jitsi/meet/

dropbox: {
     appKey: 'XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX' // Specify your app key here.

But no button to register appear in video conference.

What I miss?


Have you installed and configured jibri and also enabled recording in the config.js?

I think no. Where I can find detailed instructions?

I made a standard jitsi-meet installation under debian

Thanks! there’s anywhere a full guide to install complete jitsi functionalities?

Nope, there is no such document, sorry.

Ok, thanks. Sorry to disturb again, I have to install jibri in the same machine (using debian repository) and then follow the instructions on github? Nothing else to let dropbox recording and youtube live streaming?

Thanks again

Normally jibri is running on a separate machine, and normally this is a vm so you can spin up more instances when needed as one jibri instance serves one streaming/recording session. And yes, follow the instructions on github.

I’ve installed jitsi on a vps and under a public domain. So have I to deploy another vps and install jibri on it? Or I can use the same?


Recommended to be on a separate machine.

Ok, I’ve done, fllowing the readme, but now when I start jibri in log I see:
“ XMPPConnection was not authenticated”

and in jitsi meet when I try to register and I press the enter button for dropbox, dropbox give me an Error(400):
" Error (400)

It seems the app you were using submitted a bad request. If you would like to report this error to the app’s developer, include the information below.

More details for developers

Invalid redirect_uri: "https://my.web.addr/static/oauth.html": It must exactly match one of the redirect URIs you've pre-configured for your app (including the path)."

When I try a live stream it jitsi reply: “Live streaming not available”.

May you help me?


This means that there are no jibri instances available, check jibri logs for errors.

i have same issue
I think we should also install this script

but the documentation is missing and I still haven’t figured out how to do it.

i found same issue if you have resolved please help me out

same issue anu solution for that.