How to install/config jitsi with jwt and rocketchat on debian 10 buster

Hello everyone.

I built two scripts to install and configure Jitsi with JWT (using my own ssl certificates without Let’s Encrypt and created with Easy-RSA) and Rocket.Chat on top of Debian 10 and I want to share these scripts with all of you.

01-install-jitsi-jwt-debian10.txt (5.7 KB)
02-install-rocketchat-debian10.txt (1.9 KB)

The cool thing is it just works without human interaction, just execute and wait with a coffee.

Both scripts has variables on top to set some values.


  • Debian 10, fresh install without anything (no desktop needed).
  • Internet connection (for apt-get, curl and wget).
  • Root user (no sudo, just root).


  1. Copy both scripts wherever you want and change extension from txt to sh.
  2. Copy public certificate and private ssl key in the same directory.
  3. Rename public certificate and private key file names to the same as the server’s domain.

domain name:
public certificate:
private key:

  1. Open both scripts and change the variables with your own values.
  2. Execute as root user and wait untill it’s done.
  3. Execute as root user and wait until it’s done.

That’s all, now you can go to your web browser and try: for Jitsi and for Rocket.Chat.

I hope this quick guide can help you as a start.