How To Increase The Volume

I noticed that on Safari and anything IOS, the sound from a remote participant works for a second and then its mute. I turned on my Debugger in Safari and it looks like the volume is really low:

[Log] Audio Level remote: 0.0017090365306558428 (webrtc_class.js, line 2490)
[Log] 924d0b70 - 0.016 (webrtc_class.js, line 1900)
[Log] 08119e83 - 0.0003662221137119663 (webrtc_class.js, line 1900)
[Log] Audio Level remote: 0.0003662221137119663 (webrtc_class.js, line 2490)
[Log] 924d0b70 - 0.039 (webrtc_class.js, line 1900)
[Log] 08119e83 - 0.00018311105685598315 (webrtc_class.js, line 1900)
[Log] Audio Level remote: 0.00018311105685598315 (webrtc_class.js, line 2490)

Line 2490 is is this:

                audioLevel => console.log(`Audio Level remote: ${audioLevel}`));

I tried to do:


But it doesn’t work. Its there another limiter either on webkit or jitsi for the volume?