How to include mod_pinger in Jitsi's prosody?

I am using gst-meet for a project on Jitsi, and the connection resets every 1 minute. I got a solution posted on gst-meet’s GitHub that said I should use mod_pinger.
The link to the issue is as follows:

But there is no documentation on how I can include it. Please do let me know where to put this piece of code to ping from the server-side.
The link to the code is as follows:

Usually all you have to do is to add the module source in the Prosody path (use ‘sudo prosodyctl about’ and look up ‘plugin path’ in the answer), include the module name (not prefixed by ‘mod’) in the modules_enabled list of your host,

        modules_enabled = {
            "ping"; -- Enable mod_ping (it's not mod_pinger !)

eventually set (in the host) the config variables that you can usually find at the module beginning, and then restart Prosody.