How to import Jitsi Meet Library to existing React App

Thanks for this library.
I have used this library in Android Native Java and it works pretty well.
But now i am looking to integrate this library with my existing react native project which is latest version.
I have searched ,many topic in forum( but not found sollution.
Also i have tried another wrapper for this library( but its not have few latest features which this library has.

Is there any sample example ,how to integrate this library with existing react native library ?
Also is it possible to link android java native library to react native ? If so any sample example .
After two days of research i am posting this question here.Hope someone will help me to fix this.
Thank you


I tried integrating to my react native app and I can’t run. But integrating to android native works fine. Can somebody help us? Thanks

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@dondellbatac.Same here also.

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the same thing with me

Any solution ?