How to implement the SDK plugin to work with JWT token?

I have installed a Jitsi server and secured it with JWT token. Everything in the browser works but the mobile plugin.
I have tested the plugin with my other server that does not require JWT token and the Jitsi server, it works, but when it comes to the token, it does not connect.
the following is the error message I get (where SERVER_ADDRESS is the server address)
E/ReactNativeJS: ‘[__filename]’, '<>: ', ‘Failed to load config from https://SERVER_ADDRESS/config.js?room=mvvlvpo1xuqdjel43mhbg’, [TypeError: Network request failed]
“Failed to load config from https://SERVER_ADDRESS/config.js?room=mvvlvpo1xuqdjel43mhbg”, {}, stack:
2019-06-18 11:26:11.581 11655-12391/io.ionic.starter I/ReactNativeJS: ‘[__filename]’, '<>: ', ‘The conference will be reloaded after 20 seconds.’
2019-06-18 11:26:11.599 11655-11655/io.ionic.starter D/JitsiActivity: Conference terminated:CONFERENCE_TERMINATED {error=TypeError: Network request failed,

Can anyone help me with this issue? Thank you!

Have you installed valid certificates on your deployment?

I think I have installed the certificates correctly because from the browser, I can access rooms with valid tokens. However, if there is a way to test to see if the certificates are installed correctly, I would love to give it a try.

Open the mobile browser and the deployment address, do you see certificate warning?
Search in the forum someone posted a service where you can check the certs and whether they include the whole chain.

Thank you for the response. I used a mobile browser to go to the deployment address. there is no certificate warning. The certificate is a wildcard certificate.
What else could be the problem?

Missing the full chain of the certificates …

I just checked your domain using

Thank you, I see the same thing here. I will try to fix it and let you know the results.

I have fixed the certificate chain but still get compile errors. Do you know how to fix this? (please see the attached screenshots)