How to implement register/login system to jitsi?


Here is the question. How to implement register/login system to jitsi?


You mean jitsi-meet? If this is correct, this is the answer:


But i quoted this text there…

After room is created others will be able to join from anonymous domain. Here’s what has to be configured:

I want to guest not to see anything. I mean guest should only see the login and register panel.


Just skip the part with anonymous domain, comment it in config and in prosody. There is no register panel. You need to take care of this part.


thank you @damencho. for making register login panel, which programing language i have to use? actually i decided to take care of this problem with a middleware(with addiction software). in the background it will work together with jicofo’s api. is this a good way?


What do you mean jicofo api? I have no idea what do you need. There is am iframe API that you can use:


@demencho before user connect to video chat, i just want to show user register panel and i want to integrate that with a django/rest api. And then when user register to my system and jitsi-meet database and then i just want user to log in with this user and password. How can i do that. I just want to use python because of my skills. In this way i can add new features. I mean i want to make a management system. Some features that i want to make is already avaiable on jicofo(room management), which is why i want to use jicofo and django both together.


Then you just need to make sure you can connect prosody to your database and this way when user tries to authenticate in jitsi-meet it will check your database where you register/store users.


i am appreciated you. I have a few question about this topic. what if you want to make a register system. what will you do as a first? and How do you manage Prosody? So in jicofo? I just wonder that i mean, where you manage that what you want prosody to do. @damencho


If you connect prosody to your database there is nothing to manage in prosody, you need to manage your DB. The question about jicofo, I do not understand it, what do you want to manage in jicofo?
The first thing I will do is to connect prosody to thr DB and make it work with simple db values.