How to implement Jitsi Meet Api in an existing application without implementing whole activity?

Hi Jitsers,
I have seen Jitsi meet live in action its amazing to see how good it handles everything and comes with a lot of options out of the box but the problem is my requirement is to implement only audio call. Is there a way to disable extra options? and I’m unable to remove video call button on android and ios mobile application.
Thank you

You can do that from the interface_config.js file, but mind that it is designed to be video conferencing …

@damencho, my bad I forgot to mention that I’m implementing Jitsi in mobile application I have now edited my question too

You can rebuild the sdk with your modifications, I think this is the only option for the moment.

Hi @damencho,
I’m in my scenario I have three different screens for audio call, video call and chat. What do you think ? Is it possible in Jitsi platform?

I don’t think this is currently possible.

@damencho Do you guys take any feature requests?

Yes we do, and we can discuss it, is it doable and what approach can be taken for that and we can review PRs and give guidence, but other than that we cannot give any ETA if it is not on our immediate roadmap …

@damencho here can I request features ?


@damencho I would request to add something like you already have in web
Jitsi meet sdks should give us an option to select and enable specific option.

So my suggestion is to create an issue about feature request in jitsi-meet, describing with more details what is needed.
There we can work on giving you some advice how to proceed with implementation and you and your team can work on that and send PRs which we can review and accept when they are in a good shape.