[How to] How to integrate external auth to prosody instead of reversation

Hi there and thanks for great product!
I’ve installed self server using docker recently.
I found that for using external auth mechanism we should use jicofo reservation but as I got this option is deprecated.

I can’t understand how to realize auth from rest endpoint using prosody

Thank in advance!

In favor of using the reservation system from the prosody module. jitsi-meet/mod_reservations.lua at master · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub

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Thanks for answer. I just found this link.

Now I’ve another problem.
Is it possible to pass extra header / arguments of prosody / jicofo e.g. current user’s id / username for checking access to moderation / view
for blocking anonymus users

i’m trying to configure server for our custom app where default jitsi web (by the way it’s looks really nice) won’t be used and after config completeness will be closed for access

This sounds like you need to configure and use jwt, its usage isexactly this, authenticating users with jwt tokens from another application/service where users are already authenticated.

Hmm, sounds like i misunderstood philosofy of jwt in prosody :slight_smile:

Thank you very much. Will try to use jwt and post a solution)