[How to] How to contribute to Jitsi Meet as a Developer

Although there’s a short how to contribute page in the Jitsi Meet handbook, this post outlines a list of specific steps to help new contributors to get started with the project.

  1. Introduction to the underlying technology (React/JavaScript).
    1. Intro to JavaScript tutorial
    2. Intro to React tutorial
    3. Learn React for free
  2. Get to know the Jitsi architecture, developer’s guide and GitHub repositories.
    1. Jitsi architecture
    2. Jitsi developer guide
    3. Jitsi-meet GitHub repo
    4. Jitsi Handbook GitHub repo (documentation needs contributors too)
  3. Read CONTRIBUTING.md.
  4. Join the Jitsi community.
    1. The community forum is great for asking questions and getting help with problems.
  5. Contribute by working on open Issues!
    1. There can be a lot of open Issues, so consider filtering them based on web, iOS, android or accessibility.
    2. Bug/defect issues are good first issues because the steps to reproduce the issue and the expected functionality are clearly defined.
    3. Don’t worry if you can’t find an issue to work on right now, you can still learn by looking at other peoples’ Pull Requests or just exploring the code.

Feel free to create a PR improving that document!

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I made some changes here:

Thank you!

Is there any kind of community chat where developers can talk to each other and clear doubts or is this the only place where the community can interact?