[How to] How to build Jitsi Meet from source: A developer's guide

That’s a js source map. Not sure why it’s missing but should be okay if it is.

Folder: ~/jitsi-meet/
File: Makefile

	cp \
		$(BUILD_DIR)/app.bundle.min.js \
		$(BUILD_DIR)/app.bundle.min.js.map \
		$(BUILD_DIR)/do_external_connect.min.js \
		$(BUILD_DIR)/do_external_connect.min.js.map \
		$(BUILD_DIR)/external_api.min.js \
		$(BUILD_DIR)/external_api.min.js.map \
		$(BUILD_DIR)/flacEncodeWorker.min.js \
		$(BUILD_DIR)/flacEncodeWorker.min.js.map \
		$(BUILD_DIR)/dial_in_info_bundle.min.js \
		$(BUILD_DIR)/dial_in_info_bundle.min.js.map \
		$(BUILD_DIR)/alwaysontop.min.js \
		$(BUILD_DIR)/alwaysontop.min.js.map \
		$(OUTPUT_DIR)/analytics-ga.js \
		$(BUILD_DIR)/analytics-ga.min.js \
		$(BUILD_DIR)/analytics-ga.min.js.map \
		$(BUILD_DIR)/facial-expressions-worker.min.js \
		$(BUILD_DIR)/facial-expressions-worker.min.js.map \
	cp \
		$(BUILD_DIR)/close3.min.js \
		$(BUILD_DIR)/close3.min.js.map \
		$(DEPLOY_DIR) || true

But this files ( close3.min.js and close3.min.js.map ) not placed in needed folder.

Thanks for that masterpiece. I am receiving

Missing https://meet.domain.de/libs/lib-jitsi-meet.min.js?v=139

Any ideas on that?

Another small bug.

git clone https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet.git

As a result, there are no countries-XX.json files in the LANG folder.
The browser gives an error about the absence of a file.

Missing files downloaded:
and placed it in the LANG folder.

Those are generated when debian package is build.

And it placed in:

but if i use:
cd ~ git clone https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet.git
countries-XX.json files must be in

Nope, those are not available there in the source code.
After you do npm install you can get them from node_modules/i18n-iso-countries/langs

Other files, such as languages-XX.json and main-XX.json is placed in the LANG package. Why not add there countries-XX.json files?

Cause we do not maintain those files but use what is available in package i18n-iso-countries.

I followed to the end of step but when i change subtitle of homepage and i return make but homepage don’t change.

@Quan_Le_Anh ,

Did you do step 6? (Update your nginx config?)

Did you see any errors during make?

i followed step 6. When i run make, no error show but homepage dont change

i did it. Thank you.

Hello, this server of jitsi is built with Nodejs, right? Thank you

Node is used to build jitsi-meet and lib-jitsi-meet as described in this post. The goal here is to customize the webapps a user utilizes to join meetings. It allows you to customize the look & feel, modify certain functionality and introduced customizations otherwise not possible.

This guide does not cover building other backend server components like (Java) Video Bridges or Jicofo. It also does not talk about the powerful customizations you can achieve with (lua) new/modified Prosody modules.

There is plenty of other great stuff on this forum to cover those topics and more!

i want to use file config.js in jitsimeet but myapp use config in /etc/jitsi/meet/yourdomain-config.js. How i can fix that? Thank you.

That is the config served to the clients. The one from source is used on install time as a template.

after restart nginx and try to run the meeting but not working
and see the log file

it says permission denied…

i follow you to step 7, but i change /usr/share/jitsi-meet with /home/quanle/jitsi-meet, i have a error like this:

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