[How to] How do I use the prejoin page?

The prejoin page is a simple feature, released around June, 2020, that will improve over all user experience with joining meetings. This post will help you learn more about what it does and how to enable it.

With this featured enabled, participants can perform the following actions before they join your meeting:

  • verify camera access & make sure they are presentable
  • verify microphone and speaker levels
  • set their display name
  • copy the meeting URL
  • optionally, elect to hide future prejoin pages

See it in action

When enabled, participants will see the following page before joining your meetings

How do I enable the prejoin page?

There are two simple ways to enable the prejoin page. One setting applies to “single meeting” urls and the other applies to “all meetings”.

1. Single Meeting

Enable the prejoin page for a single meeting by adding #config.prejoinPageEnabled=true to the URL you share with your meeting invitees.

:globe_with_meridians: For example: https://meet.jit.si/PreJoinExample#config.prejoinPageEnabled=true

2. All Meetings

Enable the prejoin page for all meetings by setting prejoinPageEnabled to true in your meet...-config.js.

Uncomment // prejoinPageEnabled: false, and change it to prejoinPageEnabled: true,

:information_source: This file is typically located under /etc/jitsi/meet/meet.domain.com-config.js


One more way to access prejoin page i.e. using API:

1. Skip the Prejoin page if enabled :

const options = {
    		    roomName: 'test',
    		    parentNode: document.querySelector('#meet'),
                configOverwrite: {
                             requireDisplayName: false,
                             prejoinPageEnabled: false

2. Force the Prejoin page :

 const options = {
        		    roomName: 'test',
        		    parentNode: document.querySelector('#meet'),
                    configOverwrite: {
                                 requireDisplayName: true,
                                 prejoinPageEnabled: true

Hi , is there a way to tune or customize this page ?

change the disposition of text in bottom (result of test mic and video) for me its too small ?

Hi, i would like to translate to spanish some parts of this pre-join page, is that possible?
i´m lookking into the /lang/main-es.json but i can´t see the parameters.
thanks in advance

@damencho is this possible android sdk ?

Hi @damencho, the same question like @Basil_K : Is this possible ios sdk?
If It’s possible, Please guide me

I have set true to prejoinPageEnabled, but for some reason it change the authencitication process - before this change I got the “Are you the host?” prompt, but after setting it true, I can get in without host login. Strange!

Try in incognito mode.

How to run in incognito mode?

I just installed Jitsi on my server yesterday. So, does it mean the prejoinPageEnabled setting does not work at all?

It does work. It’s likely your credentials are stored in cache. Try running a meeting using a private window/tab (incognito mode) on your browser.

I have tried with several browsers on different devices and I have tried clearing the cache, the same problem. Very strange indeed. I thought this feature works right out of the box.