[How to] How do I use the new Lobby Feature?

@GeorgeJitsi, Thank you so much for your response. Just now I got that in the newer version of Jitsi I need to add this lobby feature in main VirtualHost for the upgraded version of jitsi. For the lower version it should be added on guest virtualhost. It is working now. Thank you.

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Pleased to know you now have Lobby working ! Great news.

guys ,when i create lobby with password ,the clients connects without problem.
when i create just lobby without password no client is able to connect. any helps pls?

Are there errors in your prosody logs?

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i fixed it by commetning these 2 lines under virtualhost guest.meet.myddomain.com

– lobby_muc = “lobby.meet.mydomain.com
– main_muc = “conference.meet.mydomain.com

thanks for attention,another problem is i can start recording only when i start meeting,create lobby and invite people. its working.

during the middle of lobby recording fails
any ideas ,pls?

its worked thank,you…But not worked in password protected lobbies :frowning:

Hum, I see you may need a custom module that bypass password protection for jibri … something like:

Thanks,i ll give it a try

hi, i’ve just reinstall my jitsi to latest version,
now i already enable lobby on security option.

but , when participant request to join , there’s nothing on moderator , no notification , if someone want to join .
so i can not let them joining the meeting.

please advice,

by disabling :
– we need bosh
modules_enabled = {
“ping”; – Enable mod_ping
–c2s_require_encryption = false
–lobby_muc = “lobby.jitsi.mydomain.com
breakout_rooms_muc = “breakout.jitsi.mydomain.com
–main_muc = “conference.jitsi.mydomain.com
– muc_lobby_whitelist = { “recorder.jitsi.mydomain.com” } – Here we >


As the moderator, I see someone knocking from the lobby. But I have no idea if it’s a legitimate guest or just a troll trying to disrupt the meeting. The only indication I have is the nickname he has chosen. So I cannot decide if I should click “Accept” or “Reject”. How can I talk (voicechat/videochat) to him before letting him join the meeting?

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This feature does not currently exist. If you’re hosting your own server, you can use JWT or LDAP to pre-validate users.

This does not allow unauthenticated guests, though. What might work for you (@softize) is using the (relatively new) breakout rooms feature: Let the actual meeting take place in a breakout room, and use the “main room” exclusively for entrance control. Admit new entrants one by one and either transfer them to the actual meeting’s breakout room or kick them. You might want to use a second browser window or tab so you need not even move back and forth between main room and breakout room.

This approach has one critical downside: Once an intruder is admitted to your main (pre-screening) room, they could transfer themselves to your (proper meeting) breakout room if you can’t kick them fast enough. So this is a bit of “security by obscurity” – it works only as long as intruders aren’t aware of how it works. It helps that you don’t see the breakout rooms unless you open the participants panel, but if we are talking about e.g. the use case of a school where a teacher wants to keep pranksters out of the classroom, this won’t last for long – word will spread.

It would be extremely cool if the lobby and breakout rooms features could be somehow combined and extended so that activating the lobby automatically opens a dedicated “lobby” breakout room, which would be special in that it’s invisible to non-moderators and that non-moderators cannot leave it on their own. (Just dreaming, this probably is not a top priority feature … :grin:)

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There is work currently in progress to introduce challenge-response in lobby exactly for this purpose. See: