[How to] How do I use the new Lobby Feature?

Hi @damencho, yes I’m using exactly that version, had it checked right now.

-rw-r–r-- 1 root root 27643 Mar 11 15:00 mod_smacks.lua

I’ve tested default debian/stable prosody 0.11.2 and upgraded 0.11.5, result is the same. :frowning:

Any ideas what can cause it?

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Do you use that? Can you disable it and try without it?

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thks my friend

thks my friend for helpme

Hi @damencho, thank you for investigating on it.

Yes, I confirm that disabling mod_mam resolved this issue for me. mod_smacks can be enabled now with lobby room feature.

Is your prosody config secret/proprietary? Maybe publishing that can save some problem like this.

Thank you very much for your help.


thx its working
btw how to set it default to enable ?

Well I don’t think it differed a lot from the defaults, we try to keep them in sync.

There is no such option.

Thank you for info that makes sense. Module smacks is disabled in default prosody config so I was curious if you use some special/tested parameters for this module that can help jitsi-meet.

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Hi guys, congratulations for your great job. Do have an example how to configure in Docker this new lobby? I want the guests only connect when the moderator permits.

Thanks in advanced.

It’s working now, i fallow the example of @corby with Secure Domain, and it’s working fine.

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Hi @ mudass1r Did you manage to use the command? api.executeCommand (‘toggleLobby’, true)?

I’m using Docker with the latest version of Jitsi, and enabled the Lobby room, it’s working fine, but i use iFrame API and i need to start the meeting with Lobby room enable, by default this is disabled for the new room. How can i start a meeting with default enabled lobby room?


I didn’t find anything on this feature.

when I try to launch this command:
api.executeCommand('toggleLobby', true);
I always receive:
external_api.js:1 Not supported command name.

(I have installed Jitsi yesterday from apt, ubuntu 18.04 and I see the new lobby icon in the videocall interface)


Please look at this link.

I think this feature is yet to arrive officially.


@damencho @gpatel-fr

I have successfully tested lobby feature without secure domain. But when I move my lobby module lines from main domain to guest domain and enable secure domain, UI doesn’t show option to enable lobby feature.

meet.xlr.space.cfg.lua.txt (16.2 KB)

I am not using login prompt for giving username and password. I am using Jibri way of login in, i.e. Setting password in LocalStorage of Browser. (xmpp_username_override)


Why is the lobby commented in your authenticated domain?


Got it working. Add the below code after the API call.

api.addEventListener(‘participantRoleChanged’, function (event) {
if(event.role === ‘moderator’) {
api.executeCommand(‘toggleLobby’, true);

Reference link :

Let me know if it helps. Happy Coding !!

I’m afraid that you are doing several things that are outside of my experience here. I can’t help you. IMO it’s never a good things to do several changes at the same time, try to make a change, test it well, and ensure it works then try next change. Good luck.

sir how you solved the problem …i also followed all the steps and my prodosy is also 0.11… but in security option its showing password option only please help.

Im getting “Not supported command name.”

Does your jitsi external API file has following included ?