How to host 100 simultaneous recording rooms?

Hi, we need to host 100 recording rooms simultaneously. Any suggestions on how to achieve this?

You need to install 100 Jibris, so you’re looking at creating a pool of Jibris.

Thanks for the response @Freddie. Do you mean having 100 instances 1vCPU 4GB RAM each with jibri installed?

You need at least 4vCPU and 4BG RAM for each instance of Jibri. And if you want to do 100 recordings simultaneously, then you need 100 instances of Jibri.

Ok, can I have a single instance with 100 jibri containers running instead?

You can have a single server with 100 jibri containers if it has ~400 cores and ~400 GB RAM

Really? I’m currently hosting 12 jibri containers on a machine that has 16vCPUs and 32 GB of RAM with 12 simultaneous recording meetings respectively without a problem.

There are many factors affect the recording load, there is no strict number.
And not every core is equal

Sure, there are many factors like resolution, amount of participants per call, whether webcam is used or not etc and you’re right each core is different. I’m not looking for a strict number, just want to get a minimum estimate for 100 one-on-one calls. But 400 cores for 100 recordings sounds like jitsi/jibri doesn’t do a good job if it requires so much resources. And my own experience tells me that each jibri container requires ~2 cores.