How to give permissions for Jitsi to use Mac mic, speakers, camera?

One of our meeting participants has been unable to find a way to let Jitsi use his Mac’s microphone, speakers and camera. He has no problem in Zoom. There doesn’t seem to be any interface in Jitsi re: giving permissions to a system.

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More than likely the user dismissed the prompt to grant permissions when requested. He can go into his browser’s preferences and explicitly grant Jitsi permission to his mic and camera. The specific steps to do this will depend on what browser he’s using.

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Thanks, Freddie! I have no doubt that you’re right on the money as to the reason why. I’ve forwarded your suggestion to the user and hopefully he’ll find the fix in his browser’s preferences. I suppose that it may be helpful to have that prompt re: granting permissions to be accessible for longer than the first encounter with Jitsi.

This is actually managed by the browser (so the user’s choice is saved in the browser cache - local storage). The only way to have it show up every time is to run Jitsi in incognito (private) mode in the browser, that way the browser doesn’t save the setting.

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