How to get user(guest) nick_name/name in a prosody plugin?

Hey, I am using Debian’s install package to self-host jitsi. I have added the prosody-plugins/event_sync at main · jitsi-contrib/prosody-plugins · GitHub plugin to receive callbacks. The issue is I am not getting occupant names here. In the plugin code, there are event handlers eg ‘muc-occupant-joined’. The handler function is using event.origin.jitsi_meet_context_user to get the user context and access the ‘name’ property to get the name of the occupant. It is always empty(the key doesn’t exist in the request body). Any idea why that is?

The name is available if it is provided by the token.

The user is unauthorised guest user. Authentication isn’t set up. What we need is just the name that the occupant has joined the meet with.