how to get to the same room through different interfaces

hi @demancho I have 2 network interfaces on the server where jitsi meet is installed, the first interface looks at the world and is tied to the “” domain, and the second to the LAN “” for computers that do not have access to the Internet. the question is, how can you organize a video meeting between employees from the Internet and the local network. for example, I create a new room called a test and press the button to invite participants, it gives me the link “” but this link from the Internet cannot join the conference and, on the other hand, how can I collect them in one room


Change $http_host with here and restart nginx and try again:

sorry i changed inside / etc / nginx / proxy_params $ http_hostc to and restarted nginx nothing changed. what should have happened?

Attach the error js console log? What does it say?