How to get the local participant ID in mobile sdk?

I would need to get the participant id of the local user using the Jitsi Meet Mobile SDK. I thought I cracked it by listening for the PARTICIPANT_JOINED events, but it returns the participant id only for other participants and not for the local one.

Any hints on how to get the local participant ID?


On the android SDK I figured out that it’s possible to get info of all the participants using the ParticipantsService, but there seems to be an issue with the BroadcastEvent as it flattens the data into a string when building the Intent that is broadcasted to the ParticipantsService.

If the BroadcastEvent would transform the data into JSON instead of just calling toString() on it, this method would solve my original problem of getting the ID of the local participant. Currently the data that is coming through is quite useless.

Yep! That’s where I got stuck as well. I also need a way to share the participantId back with our backend! How did you achieve this?

Edit : Just like you pointed out, I’m trying to change the source code by making that class public and removing toString() method. For anybody else looking for the same, this java library might help!

I’m still struggling with this. Haven’t had time to try to fix the issue with the toString().