How to get status jibri when it ready to reccord by executeCommand 'startRecording'

How to get status jibri when it ready to reccord by executeCommand ‘startRecording’ in frontend to check status

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Does that do the job for you - jibri/ at master · jitsi/jibri · GitHub

It’s accessible by default on tcp/3333 from jibri localhost and tcp/2222 from everywhere.

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I mean when I create new jibri in new ecs it take time to generate and then when I ‘startRecording’ while jibri create it’s can’t reccord because jibri not ready so how to check status when jibri create finish and ready to reccord by executecommand ‘startRecording’ :pray:

I start reccord form jitsu frontend

If everything is configured and working ok and you just need to wait for Jibri to get provisioned - yes, the API check I mentioned should work for you.

You can just use it from another instance, for example the meet/jicofo node and check whether Jibri is ready.

P.s. In AWS it can be easier to have the check from localhost and use the result to populate a CloudWatch metric. Then use the metric to determine whether to scale in or out, etc.

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Okay, the only thing is to wait for jibri to finish building, right?. Becuase I use jitsu to find idle jibri and use it to reccord while I waiting jibri create I executeCommand ‘startRecording’ but it have error to me that why I want to know how I get status when jibri create finish and ready to use.(Now I can get status it idle or busy )

Yes, in any case you have to wait for the instance to get provisioned, before you can use it.

A status of “idle” means that the service is ready and available. You also have a “healthStatus” in the API response - if it’s unhealthy, check its provisioning scripts. Here is an example output:

curl -s http://localhost:2222/jibri/api/v1.0/health | jq
  "status": {
    "busyStatus": "IDLE",
    "health": {
      "healthStatus": "HEALTHY",
      "details": {}

Does the recording work after you wait a bit? How long do you have to wait?

It could be anything that is slowing down the boot process - you can go inside the instance and check its logs, it’s a linux machine like any other and there could be unneeded services starting slowly or some misconfiguration. Jibri itself is not slow to start.

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ok thankyou a lot

Can I ask again? How to executecommand with my API controller in backend?

Do you mean how to execute a command in a Docker container? If that’s what you are asking - for that you use the “exec” docker command (docker exec | Docker Documentation)

You can execute a single command or you can even start a shell session - docker exec -it containerId_OR_containerName bash

For scripting a jibri automation you can pass single commands to the API and parse the output.

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