How to get started

Just downloaded Jitsi to my Windows 10 machine.
I do not currently use any chat servers except for Skype. How do I set up an account, what server should I use, do I have to set up an account with that server first.
I am looking to hold chat and video meetings in an environment that may be less resource hogging than Skype.

Hi @dogluvver! Welcome to the forum! :smiley:

So, it sounds like you’ve downloaded the desktop client for Jitsi. Great! Well, I’ve got awesome news for you: that’s ALL you need! LOL. You don’t need to create an account to host a meeting. You just enter a meeting name of your choosing in the box and that’s it! To invite others to the meeting, either send them the name of the meeting (that you chose) and have them join in the same way (using the desktop app), or have them go to and enter the name of the meeting there. Alternatively, you can use the “invite” feature once you’re in the meeting to send a link to others. Jitsi does not require any account, personal information e.t.c… for you to use their services.

Happy Jitsi-ing! :smiley:

Not sure that there is nothing more that I need. I assume that I need to set up an account of some sort.
I get the chat screen and try to set up a meeting with my second computer using a different email address.
.I hit Add Contact and need to add an Instant Messaging Address or a Voip number. I enter a Voip number (mine) and a name but the Add button remains dim.

If I forget the Desktop App and use the link, I can successfully chat between the two computers.

I must be missing something in the Desktop App…any ideas?


Are you sure you downloaded the Electron (Desktop) app for Jitsi Meet? It’s sounding like you might have downloaded the old Jitsi desktop chat app, which is no longer officially supported. If what you’re looking for is Video conferencing, you should be using the Jitsi Electron app. Download it from here.

That did the trick - thank you

Thanks. :slight_smile: