How to get started with Jitsi Videobridge?

I have a Project where I have to develope a video conferencing application with the SFU topology. Now I found Jitsi Videobridge and don’t really know how to get started with it. Is there a good documentation for it and is that something for what I am looking?

Thank you for your help!

You could do worse than read this doc:

if you want to work with jvb you have to know webrtc, so go to and

If all what you want is to build an app using videobridge, don’t study videobridge. Use lib-jitsi-meet, it’s the recommended (javascript) interface.

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I did some research but as I am new at this I dont really get how to Implement SFU.
Could you help me with it or is there maybe any example, because i couldn’t find any.

Use a debian based distro and install jitsi-meet and start studying how it works, its different components, this is a video conferencing app, you can use it as it is by embedding it in your app using the iframeAPI or the library lib-jitsi-meet.
If you want to just use jvb you need to implement by yourself a UI(like jitsi-meet), a signaling client library like lib-jitsi-meet, and a signaling focus like jicofo which will be communicating with the bridge.

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