How to get rid of "Please enter your name here" in Jitsi Meet?

I am using the following code:

const domain = ‘’;
const options = {
roomName: ‘MY_ROOM_NAME’,
domain: “”,
parentNode: document.querySelector(’#meet’),
interfaceConfigOverwrite: {
TOOLBAR_BUTTONS: [‘microphone’, ‘camera’, ‘hangup’]
userInfo: {
displayName: ‘John Smith’
const api = new JitsiMeetExternalAPI(domain, options);

I use Jitsi Meet to connect just 2 users. Both user names are known to me. However, upon connection, each user is asked to enter their name. This wasn’t happening earlier, about a week ago.

Is there a way to either stop Jitsi from asking the names (as they are not needed in my situation), or pass the names from the code? Each user has their own name passed in DEFAULT_LOCAL_DISPLAY_NAME and displayName but these seem to be ignored.

Thank you.

Also, clicking on the “Join meeting” button is required. I am sure this wasn’t the case until recently. Is there a way to force the user to join the meeting automatically? I appreciate it wouldn’t work in many situations but this would be an ideal behaviour in my case.

I’d like to know this too


configOverwrite: {
         prejoinPageEnabled: false,

in your iFrame options

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