How to get latest translations?

first of all: Thanks for this wonderful product!
I’m not a linux expert, but get my own installation running on a v-server and made lobby function working.
I’m working with elderly people and some of them don’t speak English. So I wondered how I can get the latest translations or is the lobby not translated yet?
Thanks in advance

it’s a work in progress, but in latest Jitsi this particular text is translated in your language;
“enableDialogText”: “Mit dem Lobbymodus schützen Sie Ihre Konferenz, da nur von einem Moderator angenommene Teilnehmer beitreten können.”

it’s available in unstable Debian version. Maybe you use the stable version, in this case you have to wait for next update of stable.

Hello gpatel-fr,
thanks for your reply. Yes I updated the last stable.
Two more questions in this context:

a) Is it possible to copy any file with the translations or something like that?
b) How can I stay informed about latest stable releases?

Sorry, if this are dummy questions, but I try to navigate myself in this new ocean.

Best, Daniel

I’d guess that copying the latest main-de.json to
(or editing it by hand)
should do the trick if you want it quick.

you can get the installed version by running

dpkg -s jitsi-meet | grep '^Version'

and the latest available version by running

sudo apt update
apt-cache madison jitsi-meet  | head -n 1 | cut -d'|' -f 2

or by visiting in a browser and scrolling to the last line for jitsi-meet package.

Thanks, that did the trick.