How to get host id?

I would like to fixed the video size for the host on the title-view page.

Please help me to come out and Thanks in advance

Give more details, what do you want to do?

You can enable follow me when you want the rest of the participants to see you on stage, and click on your video to pin it for you and for the rest of the participants.

Thanks for your reply. I hosted jitsi in my instance. I want to implement a platform where one doctor and nine patients will be in a conference. The doctor will show some exercise, and always the doctor will be the host. So want to show the doctor screen by a fixed size in the title-view page, i.e., half of the screen.

You can already do that on by going on stage view and viewing the participant you named host and then drag the divider between the large video and the thumbnails.
Unfortunately, this is still not added to follow me. But it is a planned feature. When that is available, one of the participant can enable follow me and put his view in that state and this will update to all participants.

Thanks @damencho