How to get custom property on lib jitsi meet

I know setLocalParticipantProperty used to set a custom propery to the local participant. But, How to get them? * USER_JOINED - new user joined a conference. (parameters - id(string), user(JitsiParticipant)) , user.getProperty() rentuen undefiend. plz help

solved? problem?

user.getProperty() still return undefiend


I have the same problem. Is there a solution for this?


user is of type JitsiParticipant and user._properties outputs an object containing all the properties that including my custom uuid but the other three console logs just print undefined.

How can this be? The data is there, I can see it with the first log entry but can’t access something inside

then I use setDisplayName to replace setLocalParticipantProperty

this.conference.setDisplayName(JSON.stringify({ id: this.user._id, type: this.user.type }));

@clark-97 maybe I give that a try. For now I ignore USER_JOINED event and listen to user property changed event and build the user dynamically.

Problem with user property: it’s limited in size and I can not set an avatar url for example. This would result in a stanza to large error.