How to get custom property on lib jitsi meet

I know setLocalParticipantProperty used to set a custom propery to the local participant. But, How to get them? * USER_JOINED - new user joined a conference. (parameters - id(string), user(JitsiParticipant)) , user.getProperty() rentuen undefiend. plz help

solved? problem?

user.getProperty() still return undefiend


I have the same problem. Is there a solution for this?


user is of type JitsiParticipant and user._properties outputs an object containing all the properties that including my custom uuid but the other three console logs just print undefined.

How can this be? The data is there, I can see it with the first log entry but can’t access something inside

then I use setDisplayName to replace setLocalParticipantProperty

this.conference.setDisplayName(JSON.stringify({ id: this.user._id, type: this.user.type }));

@clark-97 maybe I give that a try. For now I ignore USER_JOINED event and listen to user property changed event and build the user dynamically.

Problem with user property: it’s limited in size and I can not set an avatar url for example. This would result in a stanza to large error.

For the first console.log you probably see an arrow next to the object, and you only see uuid when you expand it. Which means what you see is not what that object contains at the time of executing console.log. Therefore undefined is logged in other lines, because it is really undefined.

See this link

Is there anyway to read the properties that are set on USER_JOINED when PARTICIPANT_JOINED is fired?

Hi @c0m1t thank you for this link. So I will ignore USER_JOINED complete from now on because it’s simply not working like I expect it to.

My workaround is a combination of PARTICIPANT_PROPERTY_CHANGED event and conference.setLocalParticipantProperty BUT be aware that also here there may result a stanza too large error when setting to big information through this method.