How to get conference started time in js console?

Hi There,

Could you please let me know, How to get room created or conference started time using JS.
So, that room created value also available for all connected guests.

There is no such feature at the moment. This can be easily added here:

It might not be supported but you can do:['features/base/conference'].conferenceTimestamp

Hi @chetti,

Timestamp show only for admin but not show for user who joins as guest.
as attached screenshot.

@logix: If you’re using a secure domain setup, the conference_duration module is probably not enabled for the guest domain in the Prosody config. @damencho just created a pull request that will most likely fix this problem in a way so you don’t have to add the conference_duration module to the guest domain.
Until then you can probably work around the issue by changing the Prosody config to include the conference_duration module in the modules_enabled block.

Hi @cketti
Thanks that worked.

But unable to get getState() in jitsi iFrame API.

I’m not surprised. That’s reaching deep into Jitsi Meet internals.

I’m guessing you’ll either have to extend the IFrame API to expose the “created timestamp” or listen for the custom stanza yourself; see