how to get conference duration in jitsi deployment server?

My requirement is need to get conference video duration once moderator end the call and then need to store same in DB. DB placed in jitsi deployment server. How to get video duration?
. I saw every actions logged in jicofo log file but its little difficult to filter call duration. Is there any other way to solve requirement?

Script: Jicofo log analyzer

will it work on a the latest stable-5765 version?

I have just fixed. You can try now

Thank @emrah

I tried to create and run with your bash script but the value of created at key as null and duration seems wrong. Here is the result:-


created at:
stopped at: 2021-05-14 06:29:14
duration: 06:29:14
number of participants: 3
023374e1, 13e1ff83, 653eb610

06:27:34 ->  13e1ff83
06:28:21  <- 13e1ff83
06:29:06  <- 653eb610
06:29:14  <- 023374e1
06:29:14 --- [f03ca687f93d28dd46172a21e35a81b8d8936194]

created at 2021-05-14 06:41:10

Can you send me your log file via email?

Sorry its my mistake. Log file were broken thats why it was showing as blank. Now its seems working. I will let you know if I faced any issues.

Thanks for your great help.

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