How to get call duration after each call?


Hi there. I wanted to know how I can get the call duration of each call after the call. I need that figure in order to populate a database. Thank you in advance for any light you can shed on the issue.



I see two options for this, one is prosody module which detects room creation and destroy which can be sending events to an http service or anything like that …

The other is a custom bundle in jicofo, and using the EventAdmin to listen for events and post them somewhere. There is a mechanism to load external jars in an upstream jicofo/jvb version.


Thanks a million damencho…Much appreciated.Out of curiousity is there anything you can think of that would be simpler? My development team d have asked me for some sort of api or something to integrate more simply to. Apparently, they are in need of some programming steroids to get them through this…


So the only central place where you have the conference and the participants is the xmpp server(prosody) and jicofo.
You can always use the client side analytics and implement something there, but it will be hard to detect the end of a meeting and there will be multiple events for a meeting from every participant …


HI damencho…thanks again for your reply…I have a quick question…would you be interested in doing some paid consultancy work? If so, kindly let me know. thanks


Sorry, not at this point.



You can easily build a prosody module to generate stats.
I already developed a module that stores data in mongoDB such as conference name, start date, end date, number of participants and maximum number of simultaneous participants for each conference… I’ll publish this module on the community forum soon…

This thread may help you : Participant Count in Jitsi room


Thanks hamza…that was really helpful…


btw…are you by any chance related to Ragab khait? The Egyptian professor of NLP? a bit off topic but I follow his work and as the name isnt common was just wondering…Cheers.


One final thing. is there anywhere on this site I can post an announcement for paid work? Im rather new to this forum and dont want to break decorum…Thanks.


No, sorry, I’ve never heard of him.

You can create a new topic and choose “Users >> Paid Work” category.

Personally, I have been working on Jitsi-Meet for 3 years and I would be glad to provide assistance for the following cases :

  • Installing and maintaining the platform
  • Load balancing
  • JWT integration
  • extracting statistics


Hello again. I have just posted my requirement on the “paid work” segment. Would look forward to hearing your thoughts.