How to get all the pariticipants in the meeting

I want to get all the participants in the meeting with there information userID, email and names.
I want to send a notification about call ending using these information.
How to get all the participants in any meeting?

One option would be to use this prosody plugin:

You will need to write your own API endpoint to receive the events. The room-destroyed event payload will contain participant details, but IIRC the name and email addresses of participants will only be available if you use JWT authentication.

I use JWT to generate the token but How I can get the particpants in side the meeting during the meeting and after ending the call??
I was thinking using _geAllParticipants in ““features/base/participants”” but I don’t know what the input “stateful” can be?

That depends on what you need the participant details for – if you need it in the client UI, then your approach might work (unfortunately I’m not in front of a computer so can’t really look it up to help you with details, sorry).

If you need the details for some additional processing/storage after a meeting is over, then the prosody plugin I mentioned above might be more suitable.

Thank you so much for sharing this information i had the same issue and i got the solution here.

I want to send a call end notification for all the participants in the meeting using websocket server So I want to know their ids and names. As I told you, I want to use _getAllPariticpant function and I don’t know how to trigger it to give me the array that I want